November 16, 2020

Dear Sutter County and Yuba County Superintendents and School Boards,

In the past 7-days, our Yuba-Sutter COVID-19 positive cases have increased at an alarming rate

Schools have not been immune from being affected. Every single day, the Yuba and Sutter Public Health Departments have been notified of cases in school teachers, staff, and students — leading to the quarantine of many staff and students and cancellation of some in-person classes. Based on information we have gathered from our contact investigations, we are confident that this latest surge is due to social gatherings for the holidays, with the last one namely being

Halloween. The holiday season is still with us and we must take action to ensure that Yuba Sutter's situation does not worsen.

To prevent an impending crisis for our community and our schools, all Yuba and Sutter Schools shall pause where they currently are at in regards to their elementary in-person schooling immediately. For example, if your school has only opened kindergarten and first grades, do not open any further elementary school grades. For grades 7 th and 12 th , the risk of transmission of student to student and student to staff has been shown to be high during these elevated community transmission times, therefore all grades 7th through 12th shall revert back to distance learning. For certain small groups of students, such as special education students who qualify under the cohort guidance, these students many continue with in-person schooling for all grades. The pause for Yuba-Sutter elementary in-person schooling and reversion back to distance learning for grades 7th-12 th must be accomplished no later than Monday, November 23, 2020.

The Bi-County Health Officer will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation daily. Once it is deemed that our community transmission has again been controlled, the curve "re-flattened," then resumption of in person schooling for most can be considered.

We understand that this is a big commitment from all involved — parents, teachers, students, superintendents, and school boards. However, schools are only as safe as the community where they are based. We are all in this together and we are at a critical juncture where if we do not act promptly, we may be too late to control the latest surge.

We would like to remind each and every Yuba-Sutter resident that your individual actions have strong implications for the community, for our schools. Please act now, commit now to not gather indoors with those outside of your household, wear that mask, maintain that social distance, so that we can again subdue this deadly virus.

In partnership,

Phuong Luu, MD, MHS, FACP

Bi-County Health Officer

Yuba County and Sutter County

Francisco Reveles, Ed.D

Superintendent of Schools

Yuba County Office of Education

Tom Reusser

Superintendent of Schools

Sutter County Office of Education